Luther Gerlach

Eastman View No.2 Improved model of Century View and Empire State No.2

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One-of-a-kind, complete set. Full, custom restoration by Patrick Alt. This set includes a 7x11" back, an 8x10" back, a 4x10" back, and a sliding back which accommodates two 5x7" images on one 8x10" sheet of film as well as an extension rail and a sliding tripod mount. Off-the-frame restoration including all wood and metal lacquer. The custom front standard was designed and built by Patrick Alt and has full movements, including swing tilts and rise, unlike the original. New bellows made in England by Custom Bellows. Includes five original Eastman 1922 7x11" film holders with brand new fidelity dark slides. This is undoubtedly the most complete, updated, and usable version of this camera ever to come to market. PACKAGING INCLUDED IN PRICE.

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